Ratchaburi-Eastern Energy Plus Renewable Energy (Eastern Energy Plus - Refuse-Derived Fuel) at Samutprakan


The waste disposal is considered to be a trash. The amount of wastes has been built up constantly despite the continuous effort to dispose it. In EEP-RDF Samut Prakan, the waste is not considered to be an unwanted trash. On the contrary, it is regarded as a valuable resource that provides many benefits. It can be converted to a valuable resources in electric energy production, cement production, and mixed soil production process. Not only that, the production process is also based on the contribution to the society. These are the reasons why the environmental impact on the surroundings are considered to be minimum and in some way better than it used to be in which help change the preconception of how people perceives of waste when they see one and how trash can become an integral part toward efficient energy production process.