Ratchaburi-Eastern Energy Plus Renewable Energy (Eastern Energy Plus - Refuse-Derived Fuel) at Samutprakan


Ratchaburi-EEP Renewable Energy (EEP - RDF) at Samutprakan has a well-known reputation of being a model for sustainable and environmental friendly power plant. The reason behind its reputation is they use waste as a main source of fuel for energy production. Beginning with the sort out process, the production uses 60 percent of RDF waste and convert it for energy production. The leftover ashes from combustion will be later bought by SCG to become a key component for cement construction then the organic waste which is later used for making mixed soil and the recycle waste will be recycled for reuse.

Not only has the plant provided the alternative energy production from waste, but it also has served as a role model for sustainable plant with contribution to the society. In the production process, it is considered in cleanness and zero impact on the surrounding environment which is rare and admirable. The water byproduct is processed and monitored closely to make sure that there’s the lowest contamination in the water supply which is later on dumped into the river. In effect, this should be set as a role model on how they can manage the plant so effectively and eco-friendly.

Feature :

This tour will show you the innovative process of how EEP-RDF is able to convert the waste disposal into something that has a everlasting benefit to everyone.

  • Control room: This place is the center of operation for the entire industry. In this room, we will get to see the operating process on how they manage the waste and maintain the stability and sustainability of their method to the society.
  • On site: the demonstration of the production process starts with the waste management which is only bought from certified supplier. Then it is divided into different types of waste to use it in different capacity including electric generation.
  • Waste sorting: The plant center will receive the waste from certified supplier and sort it into 3 categories, for electric production, cement production, and mixed soil production.
  • Water purification(RO) and treatment: Waste water byproduct has been processed by Reverse Osmosis with Ultra Filter Membrane to filter out the impurity and then reuse it for daily routine such as watering the plant in the plant center. Also, it can be used for making EM ball to filter out any stinky smell emanated from the waste. This helps to reduce the damage to the surrounding environment significantly.
  • Dumping ground: The site will show how the plant center gets rid of excessive waste by landfill. The smell has been dampened by the use of EM compound which helps to reduce the amount of smell significantly.

Remarks :

  • Safety helmet are provided on site.
  • Casual dress is recommended due to the climbing activities.