Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) at Chonburi


PEA SCADA at Chonburi is the first place that uses this operating system. This plant is capable of producing 3000 MW of power for many important industry such as, Chonburi, Rayong, and Chachoengsao. It works by gathering the information regarding the system such as location of the pipeline leak if it occurring, transferring the information back to a central site, alerting the home station about the leak, carrying out necessary analysis and control such as determining the critical leak, and displaying the information in a logical and organized fashion by unmanned substation. SCADA systems can be relatively simple, such as the one that monitors environmental conditions of a small office building, or incredibly complex, such as a system that monitors all the activity in a nuclear power plant or the activity of a municipal water system. SCADA regulates and operates with other station by using optical fiber as a means of communication. SCADA system has been developed to cope with any unforeseen contingency such as, blackout. The case study has been known to happen from time to time. With the SCADA system, it enables the system to detect the malfunction and notify the personnel or solve it instantly and promptly.

Feature :

PEA SCADA at Chonburi is the first place in Thailand that use SCADA technology to monitor the electrical system.

  • Control room: The essence of the whole operation can clarify about how the system operate and demonstrate the measure system when coping with malfunction and so on.
  • Conference room: This room serves as an demonstration room in case of an emergency. They will demonstrate how to handle with each situation via creating the role play of incidents such as, the blackout, fire hazard and others in which utilize SCADA system as a control module for the test. These tests serve as a perfect example on how SCADA handle with the emergency situation if it occurs.