Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) Underground Cable at Bangkok


MEA underground cable project originated from the hope of shaping Thailand to become one of the leading wireless city in Asian. By replacing the traditional grounded electric cable with the undergrounded one. On this site, MEA has installed a 230 kV ultra-high voltage underground cable tunnel to connect the electric power distribution systems from Bangkapi terminal station to Chidlom terminal station. The tunnel has a diameter of 2.62 meters and 7 kilometers length, installed deeper than 30 meters under Saen Saep canal, MRT tunnels and the drainage tunnels of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The underground cable tunnel is regarded as one of the high-voltage power tunnels built to meet the ever increasing demands and the energy consumption in the major business areas in the heart of the city. It also establishes stability for the power distribution systems of MEA while reducing physical risks associated with electric power transmission lines such as accidents and incidents caused by rainstorms or windstorms in various seasons. These efforts by MEA dedicated to the everlasting stability in Thailand’s electric distribution system.