PTT Innovation Institute at Ayutthaya


PTT Innovation Institute has come to life in order to serve as a research and development in petroleum, petrochemical, and energy product innovations to support PTT business Group. Their goal is to embrace the planning of the new development in energy industries to be able to compete with others and also contribute to the stability of energy usage in the future. This place has been classified into 6 divisions.

  1. Research & Innovation Planning and Management Department: This division responsible for institute’s short-term and long-term plans, as well as controlling and monitoring research for maximum efficiency of the PTT Group.
  2. Petroleum Product and Alternative Fuel Technology Research Department: strives for the success of inventing quality fuel to meet the demand such as, biofuels and biochemical fuel to fulfil customers’ needs and at the same time lead to everlasting sustainability in energy usage.
  3. Energy Application and Automotive Research Department: aims to combine the sustainability together with the use of energy by seeking ways for a more efficient energy consumption on both industrial and commercial sectors.
  4. Petroleum and Petrochemical Process Technology Research Department: been viewed as a key role in enhancing business opportunities in gas separation plants.
  5. Petroleum Production and Transportation Technology Research Department: focuses on research and development of material technology to help raise the capacity of petroleum and natural gas production.
  6. Environmental Technology Research Department: With its goal to create the green intellectual properties and innovations to serve the future of sustainability.

Remarks :

  • Safety helmet are provided on site.
  • Smart casual dress is recommended due to the climbing activities.