Huawei Pavilion at Bangkok


Huawei Pavilion Bangkok is the first and largest Openlab in Southeast Asia. This place emphasizes on the development in 3 concepts: Smart City, Smart Grid, and Corporate Startup. The exhibition room comprises with more than 140 service products ranging from EI Intelligent Twins to Cloud VR. The Smart City project aims to combine android firmware with sensor hardware, LTE technology and install in the hardware, making it possible to monitor the information such as traffic congestion or CCTV camera in real-time. The perfect example is the innovation of 360 camera. This camera is capable of zooming at a drastic rate.

The Smart Grid is the cooperation effort with PEA to research and develop intelligent electric network system. They invented the device to record and send the power usage data to the central operation instantly. The information is accessible to officer or user as well. The Smart Meter has been developed and replaced traditional meter. The Smart Meter can send the electrical usage directly to the central operation, without the need for recording at the meter site. Huawei Openlab Bangkok also has their own data center for information server stored for corporate or startup user.

Feature :

This tour will show you about the potential of how Huawei brings new innovation to simplify living experiences and also the management of technology, including energy management.

  • The exhibition hall: This hall comprises with more than 140 technological marvel products to show you.
  • Smart City: This project will show how they incorporate technology into a hardware device to be able to monitor real-time data on public places to strengthen the safety in the society.
  • Smart Grid: The cooperation between Huawei and PEA to develop intelligent electric network to be able to centralize all the electrical usage on a single source combined with Smart meter technology to monitor the electrical usage wirelessly.
  • Data Center: for information server stored for corporate or startup user.